Sustainability & Values

Proudly, made in South Africa

Each of our garments is designed, sampled, printed (using water-based inks) & manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa.

The Team

Team Bounty & its extended family are all happy and healthy & well looked after. After all, without them none of this is possible. With top priority going to a fair wage, health benefits and a clean, light and airy work environment, it’s no wonder our bountiful team makes such magic happen.
Manufacturing Unit – BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) Level 2

Sustainable Fabrics

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From the 100% cotton knit fabrics, farmed & spun in Africa & manufactured in a carbon neutral factory in Cape Town, South Africa, to our certified Organic fabrics, imported through our GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) trading partner, PhotoGanic Organic Fabrics, sourcing only from certified organic cotton farms, mills & wholesalers, who use low impact, re-usable dyes, to our sustainable hemp-based fabrics, we aim to dress your babes in only the best, healthiest, breathable and ethical of fabrics.
Our Greige newborn  range, is 100% unprocessed & un-dyed, with absolutely zero % dyes substances, leaving no chance of skin irritations caused by the heavy lead chemicals found in most dyes today.

Natural & Organic Dyes

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In phase 2 of the range design, we will be introducing 100% naturally dyed fabric, a process which has finally (after years of formulating & testing) been launched in the USA, enabling 100% chemical free dying on an industrial level. Purely revolutionary. Watch this space!

#Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution Day  24th April is an international day and opportunity to celebrate fashion as a positive influence, raise awareness of the fashion industry’s most pressing issues, show that change is possible and celebrate those who are on a journey to create a more ethical and sustainable future for fashion. It rally’s the high street, the high end, the innovators, the media, the public, the activists, the makers, the wearers – and everyone in between.


Thanks to the campaign, more than 60 countries participated in the first Fashion Revolution Day on 24 April 2014. In 2015, the campaign got even bigger with a series of international events and initiatives highlighting the fashion industry’s urgent concerns and engage local communities to demand greater transparency throughout. Next year and in the years to follow, the aim is to keep growing! You are invited to get involved. Many popular brands and retailers have already signed up to connect with their customers through social media. We invite you to participate. We invite you to support. We invite you to act. Start asking questions and JOIN THE REVOLUTION along with BOUNTY MINI WEAR and many more.

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    This is a great concept and I must say that I really like the presentation. Congratulations and bountiful good luck!


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