BOUNTY is a South African baby & kids wear brand that was founded in 2015, in the sunny city of Cape Town. The essence of the brand is to design in the name of ‘retro’ considering that which has stood the test of time in fashion for small people. Our aim, to enhance these items, with a ‘bountiful’ touch and craft the perfect piece in, no doubt, mini-form.

Here, we pay tribute to innocence and happiness where our designs are guided by the children’s unassuming & down-to-earth perception of the world. Simplicity, playfulness, fearlessness & durability, along with maximum comfort is the key to our soft offerings.

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Kindness to keep you smiling
Bounty_SmileysAt BOUNTY our aim is not to re-invent the wheel. Quite simply our aim is rather to enhance this figurative mechanism, and lighten its tread marks, by adding a sense trust, ethics and of course playfulness to its ever turning motion. Through the use of natural & organic fabrics & water-based digital & screen printing techniques we add style and happiness to you & your babes’ world in only the kindest, earth-and-people-friendly of fashions.
In short, we aim to keep you, your precious bounty, and all the bounties of nature, smiling.

Organic & Sustainable Fabrics
gots-logo_rgbOur Organic fabrics are supplied by PhotoGanic | Organic Fabrics South Africa, who is a certified Organic Fabrics trader CU826778
Every 24 months they are audited by Control Union ensuring the best quality Organic Fabrics.
This means that each link in the value chain, from non-GMO seed & farming practices, through to the spinning, the ginning, the weaving & knitting, the dyeing, the folding, rolling, the packing and the sending of the fabrics that we deliver to you, is ALL 100% Certified.The organic value chain is one of transparency & integrity and it is vital that each link in the chain is audited and certified in order to ensure quality, environmental & social responsibility.All our garments are made from hand-picked 100% Natural & Organic Fabrics

(You will notice this little sticker on some of our garments)

Our 100% cotton fabrics may not be organic cotton, but they are 100% African.
Every link in the value-chain can be tracked & traced to be of true African origin. We have sourced these Local African Cotton Fabrics for the very reason that we like to create products with true African pride. We are representing Local Made for Local Trade. All processes, from seed to finished product happen in our back yard (Africa!) and the knit fabrics are even manufactured in a 100% carbon neutral factory in Cape Town! So you can rest assured that (although it is not certified organic) this cotton product has not travelled half way across the globe before its even been spun. Because (as we say in south Africa) ‘Local is Lekker’!

So we can safely assure you of

‘soft everyday mini basics’ & ‘timeless mini wardrobe cornerstones’
made from only the best quality fabrics

With a supreme emphasis on product design, sustainability of the fabrics & in the manufacturing environment, Bounty offers you only the best possible baby & kids wear clothes, made in the nicest possible way

To be the cherry-picked source of superior quality, stylish & comfortable clothing for babies & kids up to 7 years. We are dedicated to providing an honest product & service based on respect for consumers & staff, with sustainability at the core

‘What’s in a name?’
The name is derived from the literary definition of ‘BOUNTY’  – something given or occurring in generous amounts. | “the bounties of nature”
Synonyms – Generosity | magnanimity | openhandedness

In short using pure & strong natural & organic fibres to protect and be adorned by your pure & strong babes, ensuring further strength in the bounties of our planet and its people.

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